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Thank you for your enquiry regarding training to become a

Driving  Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor (DSA ADI) 

In the following we have explained the legal requirements and qualifications set out by the Driving Standards Agency and have included a brief description of the steps you will need to take to become a qualified Driving Instructor.


        Once you have read all the information please call or email me on :


                        Telephone 01243 603112 or Mobile 07913 551489
       to make a local appointment to meet us and discuss your individual

ADI Licence
PDI Licence

Legal Requirements

 If you want to be an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and have your name entered on the Register of Approved Driving Instructors you must :

Hold a full UK or European Union (EU) / European Economic Area (EEA) unrestricted car driving licence;

·        Have held it for a total of at least 4 out of the past 6 years prior to entering the register after qualifying, but: A foreign driving licence, an automatic car driving licence or a provisional licence held after passing the driving test, all count towards the 4 years; (Solent School Of Driving can start your training for the Theory Examination after 3
1/2 years)

·        Not have been disqualified from driving at any time in the 4 years prior to being entered in the Register;

Be a fit and proper person to have your name entered in the Register.

·        Pass the Register qualifying examination and register within 12 months of doing so.

The Qualifying Examination

·        You can have an unlimited number of attempts at Part One of the Examination.
·        You are allowed 3 attempts at each of the Practical Tests (Part Two/Three)

Part One - The Theory and Hazard Perception Test

Theory Test

A computer based test of 100 multiple-choice questions based on :-

·        Road Procedure
Traffic Signs and Signals, Car Control, Pedestrians, Mechanics
Driving Test, Disabilities, Law
Publications, Instructional Techniques
The overall pass mark for the written test is 85% and the result of your Part One exam is given immediately.
If you are dyslexic it may be possible to make special arrangements for you.
You must however be in a position to supply some form of independent corroboration of your condition.

Hazard Perception Test
A computer based test which comprises a selection of film clips showing real road scenes with developing hazards.
Candidates will be assessed on how soon they spot the dangers.
Each candidate will be tested on 14 film clips chosen at random from a series.

Part Two - The Practical Test of Driving Ability 

Tests of eyesight and driving technique are covered.  The test lasts for about one hour.


The Test of Eyesight

You must be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 26.5m where the letters and numbers are 79mm tall in good daylight, with the help of glasses or contact lenses if worn.

Show Me/Tell Me Questions 
All candidates are required to answer 5 questions - 3 Show Me (demonstrative) and 2 Tell Me (explanatory) - concerning the operation and maintenance of their vehicle.

The Test of Driving Technique
This test is of an advanced nature requiring a high  level of competence  Working with you on an individually designed training programme we will perfect the appropriate skills - most of which you will already possess - while introducing you to new and essential techniques associated with the principles of ‘eco-safe driving’

Part Three - The Practical Test of your Ability to Teach
The aim of this test is to assess the quality of the instruction you give and your ability to communicate at an appropriate level with your pupils.  The test is in two parts, each lasting about half an hour.   You will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge and ability by giving practical driving tuition to the examiner.  The examiner will first take the role of a pupil who is a beginner, or one with limited driving experience, then for the second part of the test the examiner will take on the role of a pupil who is at about test standard.  The examiner will fully explain each role to you at the beginning of each stage.

Is any other training necessary and available, in addition to that recommended by the DSA ? 

In addition to the Training for the Qualifying Examination,  I can also offer:


1:  Part 3 Rescue Remedy. ( People on there Third Attempt )


2:  Check Test Preparation.


3:  Advanced Driving Training ( Cannot conduct the Advanced Test, but can get you up to Test Standard )


4: Pass Plus Training.

5: Taxi & Private Hire Test Training

How much will I need to invest  ?

Solent School Of Driving offers two methods of financing and managing your training:

£1,950       (Can be financed by instalments) 

To include :
Preparation for the Part One Theory + Hazard Perception exam
20 Hours in-car tuition for the  Part Two Driving Ability exam
·        40 Hours in-car tuition for the  Part Three Teaching Ability exam

·        Additional training if working under the Trainee Licence Scheme      


To include :

·        Preparation for the Part One Theory + Hazard Perception exam        £195

·        Unlimited in-car tuition for the Part Two Driving Ability exam              £25 per hour

·        Unlimited training for the Part Three Teaching Ability exam               £25 per hour

·        Additional training if working under the Trainee Licence Scheme        £25 per hour

( All Weekend Training at £29.00 / Hour )

Examination Fees:
Payable to the Driving Standards Agency (D.S.A)
Part One Examination Fee      £90.00
Part Two Examination Fee     £111.00
Part Three Examination Fee   £111.00

Fees for ADI registration and trainee licences

First ADI certificate and entry to the register £300.00
Trainee licence to give driving instruction £140.00
Renewal or re-registration £300.00
Replacement of lost licence £3.00


Essential Course Materials - included in course cost

·        Solent School Of Driving Study Packs [SSDP]
·        The Highway Code                              [TSO]

·        Hazard Perception CD ROM                [FOCUS]

·        ADI 14 Pack inc. Theory Questions     [DSA]

Kevin O'Neil Crowley D.S.A. A.D.I (Car)
Registered Office: 10 Marine Gardens, Selsey, CHICHESTER, West Sussex, PO20 0LJ
Telephone: 01243 603112, Mobile: 07913 551489